We at Cornea Eye Hospital have state of the art equipments and lab support:

  1. PENTACAM (German technology): Pentacam is the ultimate TOMOgraphy machine (and Not just Topography) to scan the cornea.

  2. TOMEY SPECULAR MICROSCOPY (Japanese technology): It scans the Endothelium (Innermost layer of Cornea). Specular microscopy helps in diagnosis, documentation and follow-up of several corneal endothelial pathologies.

  3. Nidek Autrefractometer (Made in Japan): One of the most perfect readings are obtained and the best glasses are prescribed by the experienced doctor. All glass’s power are duly checked and verified before printing for a prescription.

  4. TOPCON Photo Slit Lamp: Ultra high-resolution eye photography is being done at every visit of the patient. Slit-lamp photography at every visit ensures a definite comparison of the patients’ condition of the eye at every visit.

  5. Sonomed PacScan Ultrasound Pachymeter: Although Pentacam gives Corneal thickness data at all points, some irregular cornea needs focal corneal thickness measurement. Here ultrasound Pachymeter comes into play.

  6. Appasamy Chair unit with Baliwalla & Homi Trial sets: Appasamy Chair unit with Trial set from Baliwalla & Homi is being used at Cornea Eye Hospital.

  7. TOPCON Operating Microscope with Recording system: for best visualization of the operative field.

  8. MOTIC Lab. Microscope: for smear examination after Gram’s stain and KOH stain. It also helps in examining the presence of Demodex at the root of eyelashes. 

  9. ETO Sterilizer Machine: We maintain strict sterilization of OT and OPD devices.

  10. CCL 365 for Corneal Collagen Cross-Linking: We use the most standard Collagen Cross-Linking machine for the procedure.

  11. Boyle’s Apparatus and Anaesthesia Set-up: for safe and effective anesthesia to our surgical patients.

  12. Facility for Smear examination and Culture of Ocular samples: The samples are sent to one of the best Microbiologists and Pathologists in the city for various tests.

  13. Studio-grade Colour printer for Clinical photograph: For those patients who want to preserve their clinical photograph.

  14. EMR (Electronic Medical data recording): Helps use to keep your examination data safe with us for years together. Privacy is maintained.