1. What is limbal dermoid?

Limbal dermoid is a benign congenital tumor involving the outer coat of the eye. More than 2/3rd of dermoids occur at the inferotemporal bulbar location of the eye.

2. What is Goldenhar’s Syndrome (Oculo-Auriculo-Vertebral Syndrome) ?

Goldenhar’s Syndrome comprises of Preauricular fistula, Preauricular appendages, epibulbar dermoids of lipodermoids and mandibular hypoplasia.

3. What is the management of Limbal Dermoid ?

Medical management is generally reserved for grade-I dermoid which are smaller lesions in terms of diameter and height inducing only mild astigmatism (<1D). Routine follow-up with spectacle correction and amblyopia treatment is required.
Development of clinically significant anisometropia, lack of compliance with follow-up / amblyopia treatment, growth of dermoid causing dellen formation and esthetic considerations – if any or combination of above condition is noted, surgery should be considered.


4. What should be the ideal age of surgery?

Appropriate timing of excision of dermoid is a topic of debate. Optimal timing of surgical intervention depend on multiple factors including the original size of the lesion, rate of its growth, secondary corneal defect/ dellen, anatomical area involved, secondary corneal growth as well as psychosocial factors.